Overcoming hurdles while building my first mobile game application

Phone game icons shown on a screen

Recently, I have been focusing on learning to use React Native to build phone apps. Ever since I saw my classmates from boot camp build apps with React Native, I’ve been interested in at least understanding the fundamentals of React Native. I am also an active player of phone games, so I figured that building a phone game, even if it’s super simple, would be a cool project to work on.

The setup was much more complicated than I anticipated. I tried to follow the React Native documentation to set up…

and my experience doing a React Technical Interview with Skilled

I recently graduated from a coding boot camp and had the pleasure of doing a mock technical interview with Skilled. My interview was done in React.

Interviewer and Interviewee sitting at a desk

I think Skilled can be a very useful tool for developers who would like extra practice with technical interviews. They also provide other services such as resume review. The coaches that act as the interviewer are professionals who have many years of experience working in the tech industry. They have experience with hiring developers and managing teams, so they are able to provide really…

Part 1 — Installing PHP and a MySQL database

After graduating from my coding boot camp, I told myself that I would not dive into learning a new programming language until I felt really comfortable with the ones I learned within the boot camp. I practiced a lot of React by continuing to build applications with it.

What is a LAMP stack?

However, I recently made an exception to this decision when I got an opportunity to have a final interview for a company that used the LAMP stack. Although they already knew that I didn’t have any experience with the LAMP stack, I didn’t…

to help you stand out when applying for jobs

It has been about two months or so since the graduation of my coding boot camp. With the one-week break I gave myself right out of boot camp and also the winter holidays, I would say that I have been searching for a job for a total of 4–5 weeks. During these 4–5 weeks I have done several things to help me stand out when applying for jobs.

After talking to a number of boot camp graduates who are already working in the field, I received all sorts of advice such…

to keep user logged in even after they exit the app

Ever since graduating from a coding boot camp, I’ve been working on projects to continue exploring different technologies and aspects of coding on my own to further my learning. My most recent project was a very simple but possibly entertaining phone game built using React Native.

Text Warrior main page

My goal for building this app was to be able to setup the environment for building phone apps, get a better idea of using navigation, components and props in React Native, and to practice using Hooks. …

Here I am, barely surviving week 11 of this coding bootcamp. This whole journey has been filled with crazy ups and downs. I would feel like a total champ one day, being able to get through all the labs and understand what’s going on during lecture, only to find out the next day that I actually did not understand anything and realizing I would have to re-read the labs and re-watch previous lectures.

It has honestly been a real struggle for me. I knew that the technical aspect of it would be hard, and it is exactly as hard as…

or pretty much anything

First off, shout out to Jeff for the blog post idea.

I don’t know if it’s just because at least 50% of the people I know are musicians or if I’m just hearing it more because it’s relevant to me, but I have definitely noticed that a lot of software engineers have music-related backgrounds. It’s definitely popular right now within the musician community to be either self-teaching code or attending a coding bootcamp with gigs being non-existent due to COVID-19. Even within my circle of friends, there are three of us, all female violinists, going through…

I cannot believe that it has already been 4 weeks since the start of boot camp. There is so much material that is covered in such a short span of time, I feel like time slows down when I am learning and processing the information. Starting from week 4, we have transitioned from learning Ruby, a programming language, to Rails, a web application framework. This transition has been a really challenging experience for me in many different ways. …

(during a coding bootcamp)

After my first week of coding bootcamp, my roommate asked about how it was going and whether I still felt that I would have no life outside of the bootcamp. He asked this because a few weeks leading up to the bootcamp, I would always talk to him about how once the bootcamp started, all my time would be taken up by coding because I had to “live and breathe code”. I basically wouldn’t have time for anything else, no social engagements, no exercise, no cooking, etc. …

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Software Engineering Student

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